January Musing & Offerings

The end of the year is such a natural time for reflection and 2016
simultaneously gave us so much to be thankful for and so many challenges.

As the days grew shorter, and moved closer to my daughters 3rd birthday (today!), I kept thinking...

We only get one chance with this life, this body.
What can I do to simplify things so I live more fully in the present, with her.
What can I let go of?
What are the obstacles holding me back from feeling whole?
What does being whole even feel like?

And a few of the things my body, my soul answered...

* release much of the technology that bogs you down
* release the need to get it all done before you allow yourself
the things that fill you up
* forgive
* remember

so in 2017, i will patiently cultivate that which brings me a feeling of wholeness
*more movement
*more nature
*more love
*more ritual & practice
*more light
*more being
*a lot more kindness and a lot less judgement

there is time for this.


January Specials

New Students: 30-days for $30
Returning students 10-classes for $75!

*1 per student, offer ends January 31


Psst! Anne is back this week!