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New to the Studio?

Hello and welcome! Thank you so much for joining us! I’d like to try and answer some of our most frequently asked questions for you here.

• If you are brand new to Yoga, please read about studio etiquette below.  This will help you feel more comfortable when you join us for the first time.

• You don’t need a reservation! Our space is large enough to accommodate large classes and we’ve never had to turn anyone away who arrived on time.

• All of our classes are available on a drop-in basis, just arrive at least 10-15 minutes early to sign-in and get settled.

• We don’t have a traditional waiting area, so we ask that you wait respectfully outside for the previous class to finish…

• We have plenty of mats ($1 donation), props, and everything you need to get comfy.

• Directions can be found on our locations page.

Studio Etiquette

We are so happy you are joining us! We have put together this list of helpful information so you can be more comfortable when joining us, especially if it is your first time.

Thank you for creating a sacred space for your practice and for respecting the spirit of the studio. These guidelines of good studio etiquette will help you feel comfortable when entering an unfamiliar setting. They are based on common sense and courtesy, but deal with some issues that are specific to yoga classes and studios. Many of these guidelines will apply to Pilates classes too!

What do I wear?

Wear comfy clothes that move and stretch with you and dress in layers so you can keep yourself comfortable. Most women wear some kind of stretchy pants, a tank top or exercise top that hugs the body, and then a t-shirt over that. Men generally wear shorts or long stretchy pants and a tank or t-shirt. You will be removing your shoes but you can wear socks until your feet warm up if you’d like.

When should I arrive for class?

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the class is scheduled to start. It will take a few minutes to get signed in and to set up your space for class. If you do arrive late, please wait until after the centering period to set up your mat so as not to disturb others in their meditation. If the previous class is finishing up, please wait quietly outside until they are finished.

Remove Your Shoes for Yoga Classes (you can leave them on for Pilates)

You can leave your shoes in our entryway. There are many reasons for this practice. . . the studio is a sacred space and being barefoot is a sign of respect. In the winter months, you may choose to leave your socks on until you warm up.  We have a wood floor and it is cleaner and more hygienic to remove shoes. Additionally, the yoga mats stick best to bare feet.

Turn Off Your Cell Phone

Make a habit of doing this as soon as you get to the yoga studio. If this happens (and it does happen! even to us as teachers sometimes!), we would prefer it if you would quietly move to go turn it off immediately rather than wait for it to stop.

Talk To Your Instructor

Let us know if there are any illnesses or injuries so we can offer modifications to postures and help you be comfortable. We have lots of props to help you, too.

Honor Your Body

This is our mantra here at OBXY. We do our best to offer recommendations and alternatives for postures that take into account any injuries and limitations you've made us aware of. But you know your body best and the more yoga you do the more familiar you will become with what works for you. Yoga should NEVER be physically painful, it should feel GOOD! Also, yoga is traditionally practiced on an empty stomach – if you have issues with blood sugar or dizziness eat something light before class so that you’ll have the energy you need to enjoy yourself.

Leave Your Ego at the Door

Yoga is not a competition and every body is different. Our classes are about exploring the edges in your own body and your mind. Competing with your neighbor on the mat can lead to injury and opposes the spirit of yoga. Many people practice yoga with their eyes focused on the area within their mat, or at specific places inspired by the position your body is in - perhaps your fingertips, perhaps your toes, perhaps a spot out in front of you in a balance posture, and this helps to keep an inward focus, Some students struggle with pushing themselves too hard regardless of what their neighbor is doing. . .and to this we say Honor Your Body! If you feel you are ready for a new challenge speak with us, we can guide you into the appropriate classes.

Try to Go to the Bathroom During Resting Poses

Our bathroom is through the curtain on your right. It is fine to leave class for a few minutes to go to the bathroom, but since there is usually a sequence to the postures that balances out the body, try to go before class, during a resting pose, or before Savasana at the very end of class (you don’t want to miss that!). There is no need to ask the teacher’s permission.

Refrain From Wearing Perfumes or Fragrances

Some people are allergic to scents and fragrances.

Don’t Skip Savasana!

This is the final relaxation period at the end of yoga class and many feel this is the most important part of your yoga practice. But, if you must leave before savasana, please let your instructor know before class and quietly slip away while the other students are getting settled.

Clean Your Mat After Each Use

We have mats available, but as they are used by many people it is critical that they are cleaned each time you use one. We have paper towels and lavender and tea-tree anti-microbial mat cleaner on the prop shelves!