Level Descriptions

Multi-level – Nearly all of our classes are multi-level in an effort to serve everyone best. These classes recognize that not all students progress at the same rate mentally or physically. Multi-levels allow you to see where you can go with poses while encouraging you to be where you are. A safe place to experiment as your strength and flexibility increases. Also a good class for a group of friends with varying levels of experience.

Level I – These classes are intended for new students needing an introduction to the basics of alignment in yoga or Pilates, but are also appropriate for continuing students who enjoy a slower pace. Level I classes generally offer more guidance in modifications to accommodate a variety of physical challenges that may limit your movement.

Level II – Level II classes are intended for a moderately experienced student. Instructors will continue to offer guidance and insight into proper form, but the class is generally more challenging, often with a faster pace than the Level I classes. You may encounter more intricate balancing poses, deeper openers, some arm-balances, and you will be encouraged to build strength through longer holds.

Level III – Ashtanga Primary Series


Class Descriptions 

At Outer Banks Yoga & Pilates we offer a variety of classes with several levels intended to allow each student to find a place that is comfortable and challenging. All of our yoga classes follow the typical structure of a centering period, moving into an asana practice and finishing with a final relaxation and meditation period. Many of our instructors will often integrate a pranayama (breathwork) practice into class as well.

Our mantra at Outer Banks Yoga & Pilates is to honor your body. So, let the inherent wisdom of your body speak to you and begin where you are.

Not all of these classes are offered at all times, so please note our current schedules here.

Ashtanga Yoga – Introduction/Intermediate – Ashtanga yoga is by nature a vigorous vinyasa class and it is suggested that you are familiar with a vinyasa practice prior to joining our Ashtanga class. In this class you will be guided through a majority of the Primary series

Ashtanga Yoga – Led Primary Series is a led class, meaning the instructor practices with the students, calling out the poses and adjustments. Ashtanga yoga in general requires some strength and deep breathing abilities.

Beach Yoga at the Hilton Hotel - Get your day started right with this oceanfront multi-level yoga class. Enjoy the sun, sea and wildlife. The class will vary in style and intensity based on participants and weather. For this class, we meet at the Hilton Garden Inn directly across from the studio. Park at the studio and walk across to the hotel, go around to the left to the pier and there are stairs to the beach and the instructor will meet you there. Please bring your own mat or a big beach towel (about from your shoulders to the ground or longer) to practice on. You’ll want water too and don’t forget to wear sunscreen! You can pay the instructor directly on the beach, cash or check please.

Core Integration - A 60-minute class focusing on the core but incorporating other exercises to balance the strength of the “Powerhouse” (lower abs, glutes, hamstrings, quads & internal/external obliques) with the upper body (shoulders, upper back & muscles that align the spine). Moves will vary and will incorporate Pilates & Yoga with controlled, dynamic, static & isometric exercises. Equipment can include mats, 2lb balls, bands & one’s own bodyweight.  This class is multi-level & can be modified for all levels.

Dynamic Flow – a powerful vinyasa flow class. You’ll leave feeling strong, graceful and calm.

Deep Stretch – a yoga stretch class with a meditative quality. In these classes we will mostly stay close to the floor, easing into longer holds and deeper stretches.

Gentle/Beginner – these classes are designed to give basics for a newbie yogi or Pilates practitioner, but they also move at a slower pace, making them gentler classes suitable for those with more experience. There could be some exploration into more challenging poses or vinyasa flows, but plenty of modification options will be given to assist you if you aren’t quite ready for the challenge.

Hatha Yoga – a fairly traditional Integral Yoga class. With longer holds and gentle vinyasa flow series and an inner directed and inquisitive quality.

Hatha-Vinyasa – Some additional flowy sequences mixed into a class with classic hatha postures and structure.

Karma Yoga – a class that is offered weekly by donation. Bring an offering of any kind and enjoy this lovely, self-nurturing class.

Meditation - we offer a classic seated Insight Meditation class weekly at 7:30pm on Wednesday evenings by donation.

Move Unbound - Move unbound class is not yoga, rather an off the mat movement practice aimed at building adaptability and reactive, elastic ranges in the joints.  Featuring lessons from multiple disciplines, you will learn about natural human movement through complex locomotive patterns as well explore kinetic riddles and games designed for development rather than defeat/victory.  Natural, practical, playful.

Pilates Mat – Closely following “The Method” developed by J.H. Pilates, this mat class focuses on toning and lengthening the muscles of the body with emphasis on the stomach and back. By tuning in to the breath and the alignment of the “powerhouse,” the area between the hips and the shoulders, all layers of muscles in this region are challenged and toned.

Prenatal Yoga (currently available in semi-private practice only - send as an email if interested in joining an ongoing class) – prenatal yoga is a beautiful way to experience the journey of pregnancy. The poses you’ll learn will help ease discomfort, prepare your body for labor and childbirth, help you maintain your fitness level, deepen your breathing and help you relax and bond with the little one growing inside of you. This class is a wonderful way for you to put time aside for you and your baby. Our certified instructor will guide you through a lovely class and teach you the do’s and don’ts of a healthy prenatal practice.

Restorative Yoga is a process of surrender, softening, slowing down, and letting go.  We use a lot of props to make the body as comfortable as possible in various poses.  We feel a calmness and an awareness of the whole body.  The support of the props and the extended time in the pose (3-6 minutes generally) invites the nervous system to rest, the mind to calm, the heart to be in peace, and the breath to be at ease in an atmosphere of love and kindness.

Stretch & Restore is a gentle practice appropriate for all levels, designed to release tension in the muscles and mind.  Expect about 45 minutes of deep stretching & restorative poses close to the floor followed by meditation and extended savasana. Props and gentle adjustments will be used to enable longer holds, deepen poses and increase flexibility. 

T’ai Chi – Julia’s T’ai Chi class is a smooth, flowing series of moves she’s assembled in an easy, but serious full-body workout that is also guaranteed to increase your flexibility, sharpen your reflexes, and help you block anything coming at you! This energizing workout will leave you feeling strong and powerful and is followed by an enlightening meditation.

T’ai Yoga Latte – Created for us by Julia. This is a gentle flowing, all levels class and is a unique combination of T’ai Chi, yoga, and Pilates. A gentle class that ends in a peaceful meditation that will leave you at relaxed and invigorated at the same time!

Vinyasa – a more powerful class with lots of flow, a focused intensity and lots of integration of breath and movement.

Yin Yoga - Find balance in a mostly Yang (fast, hard, aggressive) dominated world with a Yin (slow, cool, quiet) yoga practice. Yin asana reaches deeper than the superficial and muscular tissues of the body to stimulate the often neglected connective tissues, bones and joints. In Yin yoga poses are held for several minutes, which can create a multitude of sensations both physically and emotionally that can feel foreign to those who have never experienced Yin yoga before. This practice is something that truly must be felt by the individual to fully understand the power of cultivating more Yin into your life.

Yoga for Seniors – A gentle, beginner yoga class for those who identify as Seniors. Terrific for working on balance, strength, flexibility and relaxation.