“I feel stronger, more awake, present
and encouraged to follow my heart.”

Students for our next session are gathering now – classes begin FALL 2016. Spend the winter discovering the depths of your own heart and soul while learning to become a yoga teacher!

Led by beloved local instructor Anne Howard, our Yoga Alliance certified program is an eclectic, inter-disciplinary approach to Yoga with a broad focus on various asana techniques, an emphasis on the vinyasa-style, pranayama and yoga philosophy. We appreciate Yoga in all its forms and intend to give students an understanding of the primary traditions and theories while encouraging them to find their own comfort and voice.

The  program will be scheduled on weekends and includes 240+ hours of training which meets and exceeds Yoga Alliance standards for their 200-hour certification – putting our students on the path toward a 500-hour certification.


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We are very much looking forward to sharing this experience with you!


“I feel so much more confident in my own practice and I definitely feel ready to begin teaching and sharing my knowledge with others.” – Carly Osmon



Anne Howard
Director of Yoga Teacher Training

"In some ways yoga teacher training was everything that I expected.  I knew i would grow from the experience. The fear and uncertainty I felt while contemplating the training signaled to me that growth would certainly take place. I just did not know how or in what ways.  I did not expect to be so moved, inspired and more awakened after just one day of training.  The training gave me the knowledge, practice, and confidence to begin teaching and to assist fellow yogis on the path, but it also strengthened my foundation personally, encouraging my heart to open and compassion to flow freely.  I am so grateful to Anne and my fellow trainees for what has been and still very much is a beautiful learning experience." - Amy Landes

"YTT at Outer Banks Yoga is absolutely amazing! The organized, caring and commitment of Anne is so special! She "cooks" each student in a motherly way, making sure we are ready. Students can continue to grow/ learn even after the 240 hours are complete.  Anne and fellow classmates keep their door open for comments and questions, always!  It is truly an honor and privilege to be part of the Outer Banks Yoga kula. You should do it!  - Linnea Woodson

“Having Anne as my yoga teacher has been healing and inspirational. There is so much wisdom and compassion that radiates from her. I can’t really explain in words how I have been touched emotionally and spiritually just by being her student, but she’s able to speak to my heart through her teaching.” – Dominique Sprouse

“I am thankful for the physical mental and spiritual gifts you gave from your heart during the Yoga Teacher Training Class. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – Sue Reynolds

“As a yoga teacher, I want to help others realize the divine light that they have inside of them, the same way Anne has encouraged and supported me. I am so thankful for her guidance, kind words, and knowledge she has shared with me. She really pours her heart into this training!” – Sarah Lucento