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Spend the weekend with us, a mini retreat, where we will help you begin to reset your system and learn about new ways of nourishing your mind, spirit and body....just in time for Spring!

Some of the benefits of cleansing include:

- increased energy and concentration
- improved digestion
- jumpstart weight loss
- heal and strengthen immune system
- heightened sense of awareness
- more balanced moods
- greather emotional clarity
- deeper spiritual connection

About this Workshop:
In this information rich workshop and cleanse weekend, Anne will guide you into a deeper understanding of the idea that how you choose to nourish your body can have profound impacts not only on your physical well-being, but mentally and spiritually too. This cleanse program will help you to move forward in your spiritual journey as you learn which foods keep you stuck, and how to eat in a way that helps to open your mind and heart.

Bringing together ancient yogic science and modern wisdom, this workshop includes the study of Ayurveda, the doshas(energies of the body), the ancient text of the Bhagavad Gita and it's discussion of the gunas (virtues or personality traits) and some modern nutrition science.

For three days you will choose to follow a restricted cleanse program (we will share options with you that include a juice fast or an ayurveydic cleanse plan) while being supported mentally, physically and spiritually on this journey.

VERY IMPORTANT! Continue to take necessary medications through out this process. Also, please, consult a doctor before embarking on this cleanse if you have a condition that is sensitive to minor body chemistry fluctuations.

Who Is This Workshop For?
Anyone seeking to reset their body, mind and spirit..

Registration is required. Space is limited.
Please register here to hold your spot.

Call Anne: 757.630.8677

Friday, March 31 - 5:30p-7:30p
Introduction and Candlelit Warm Vinyasa Detox practice (open to all students if space is available).

Saturday, April 1 - 10a-5p
Warm Vinyasa Detox practice in the morning, Yin/Restorative class late afternoon.
Includes a fresh juice & Kitchari (if on your plan) for lunch.  

Sunday, April 2- 12p-4p
Warm Vinyasa detox
+ Optional 7:30a-8:30a meditative beach walk, weather permitting.

* All yoga classes are multi-level, and 90-minutes
* The included information packet will also provide you with information and plans so that you may choose to continue the program for up to 21-days with Anne's encouragement and support.

$185 ($166 for our Yoga TT graduates). Includes a fresh juice/Kitchari lunch on Saturday and program booklet.
Yoga Teachers will receive 14 continuing education credits.
Friday night session only - $28

I have made a big change in my lifestyle sense starting your class and would like to share some of my happiness with you. One of the first things you suggested was to do a Ayurvedic Cleanse and find your levels of your Doshas. With the suggestion of the cleanse I focused on my diet and what I was feeding my body and mind. I started the class at 197 pounds, borderline high blood pressure, and my doctor was on the fence about my cholesterol levels and possibly starting medications to bring it down below the 200 mark. Just simple movements would cause heavy breathing. I was not so happy with myself.

I decided to make some changes by following your guildlines that you introduced to me. I took the handout on Alkaline vs Acidic foods to the grocery store and made a new shopping list for my body. Finding food to feed my doshas and stay away from the acidic food was a challenge at first but important changes I needed to do for myself. It all began with your words to “try it.”

For the next three months the changes in my health have been for the better. I recently had a physical exam from my doctor. I’ve dropped over 25 pounds, weighing in this morning at 172. My blood pressure is slightly below normal, I can breath again! My cholesterol is down to 168. All of the changes have happened from a new diet and a steady dose of practicing yoga. Thank you, Anne! - Billy

your instructor

Anne Follenbach-Howard


Anne is our studio manager, the director of our Yoga Teacher Training program - Amalam School of Yoga at Outer Banks Yoga, and the heart & soul of the studio.

She has been practicing Yoga for more than 15 years. She began her journey in France when she was traveling often between Europe and Indonesia and felt she needed a nourishing practice that she could bring with her anywhere. After she moved to the US she pursued her 500-hour yoga teacher certification.

A beloved teacher, she leads classes that are truly dynamic and challenging, yet balanced with softness, relaxation and humor. She also instructs and trains teachers in all forms of yoga as well as restorative, pre-natal and kids yoga.